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Gauging Support for New Federal Seniors' Measures

Demand a Plan advocates for a national seniors care strategy. It is supported by Canada’s doctors, whose job it is to serve you, the public, and see to your wellness. To that end, Demand a Plan has released a new survey to gauge the public’s thoughts on new seniors care measures.

This survey asks a series of simple questions in order to understand the different dynamics that represent people’s experience with seniors care. We want to know how you feel about the health care system’s ability to adequately meet the seniors care needs that you and your family will have. We ask for your opinion on a few federal seniors care matters we are considering advocating for in the future. It is important that we know how the public feels about these health care causes we are considering; our first priority is to ensure we are taking up causes that matter most to you, and by telling us how you feel about the different causes we’re considering, you’re helping us help you.

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Do you have any adult family members, relatives or close friends who are seniors (65+) who you personally help in a substantial way to deal with their healthcare issues, financial matters, and/or other needs?

Question 1

How confident are you that the health care system will be able to meet the seniors' care needs that you or your family member(s) will have?

Question 2

The federal government transfers funding to the provinces to support the costs of health care, such as hospitals, home care and long-term care. To what extent would you support new funding from the federal government to help provinces cover the rising costs of health care for seniors?

Question 3

At present, individuals moving from one province to another, for example to be closer to family, may have to wait up to 3 months before receiving health care coverage.  To what extent would you support new federal funding to the provinces to eliminate this potential delay in receiving health coverage for seniors moving to another province?

Question 4

Despite our publicly-funded health care system, seniors and their families often must cover a portion of the costs for home care, long-term care and other caregiving services. To what extent would you support a new family care benefit that will provide financial assistance to families so that more seniors can afford the care they need?

Question 5

Virtual health care allows an individual to receive a consult with a health care practitioner by telephone, an app on a mobile device or using videoconference. To what extent would you support new funding from the federal government so seniors can access virtual health care?

Question 6

Which of the following strategies do you believe would be the most beneficial to improving the care of seniors in Canada?
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