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Input from Patients is Key to Developing a Pan-Canadian Dementia Strategy

Seniors and caregivers need more financial support!

Demand a Plan supporters have told us time and time again how difficult it is to afford living a healthy life. Out-of-pocket medical expenses faced by Canadian seniors and their caregivers are growing rapidly and will continue to do so. Currently, three non-refundable tax credits are the only means by which the federal government offsets this burden.

Ask your government to create a Seniors Care Benefit that:

  • is easy to claim;
  • is income tested;
  • treats caregivers and care receivers as a single unit; and
  • provides better financial support, both now and in the future.

Your voice matters. Let your MP know how a Seniors Care Benefit would help you or the ones you care about stay healthy.

Click on the appropriate tab for you and personalize the template letter for more impact.