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Residential care

Recommendation: Improve capital investment in residential care infrastructure

The residential care sector is facing significant change because of the rising numbers of older seniors and their increasingly complex care needs.  Not all seniors can be cared for in their homes, and a lack of residential care options remains a problem from coast to coast to coast.  

The demand for residential care will increase significantly over the next several years because of the increasing numbers of frail elderly seniors requiring this service. New facilities will need to be constructed and existing facilities will need to be upgraded to comply with higher regulatory requirements and respond to the higher care needs of residents.

An investment in appropriate home or residential care will alleviate inappropriate hospital admissions and facilitate timely discharges, while significantly reducing surgical and emergency department wait times. 

What’s more, construction of new residential care models and renovation/retrofitting of existing facilities will provide significant economic opportunities for many communities across Canada.

What is the CMA recommending?

The CMA recommends that the federal government include capital investment in residential care infrastructure, including retrofit and renovation, as part of its commitment to invest in social infrastructure.

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