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Hospice in Moncton, NB, focuses on compassionate care at the end of life

A hospice team in Moncton, New Brunswick, is providing compassionate care and helping people in the community have the best quality of life they can, in the time they have remaining. 

Hospice Greater Moncton was established in 2004 to promote awareness about end-of-life issues, provide grief and bereavement services and offer support for clients and their families.

Currently, their team of volunteers provides community-based care to patients once or twice a week. They’re currently raising funds to build a 10-bed hospice care facility in Moncton, where patients could receive medical care, including pain management, as well as meals, laundry and cleaning services, all in a home-like setting.

Click here to find out more about Hospice Greater Moncton.


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