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Seniors and caregivers need more financial support!

You’ve shared with us so many stories of the financial burden that comes with trying to stay healthy. And it’s true! Out-of-pocket medical expenses faced by Canadian seniors and their caregivers are growing rapidly and will continue to do so. Currently, three non-refundable tax credits are the only means by which the federal government offsets this burden.

But it’s just not enough.

Creating a Seniors Care Benefit that’s easy to claim, is income tested, and treats caregivers and care receivers as a single unit would provide better financial support, both now and in the future.

Ahead of the 2019 federal budget, your Member of Parliament needs to hear about the real costs of being a senior in Canada.

Click here for our-simple-to-use letter-writing tool to email your MP. You can send the template letter as is or personalize it with your real-life examples for more impact.

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