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Quebec Government Intoduces 5-Year Action Plan for Seniors

On June 4, 2018, the Quebec government released its second five-year action plan to support active aging in the province. Under the theme Un Québec pour tous les âges, the government intends to invest more than $12.3 billion between now and 2023 to facilitate the participation and social inclusion of seniors and to provide safe environments and options for access to care that they may need.

The action plan provides 85 measures that will be carried out by 20 departments and public organizations. This plan also considers the concerns that were shared by the general public during the provincial consultations that studied the living conditions of seniors in 2017.

The action plan focuses on five priority areas to assist seniors to live independently and continue to contribute actively to society. The priorities are as follows:

  • to increase assistance to municipalities as they adapt to an aging population;
  • to enhance the support provided to organizations that facilitate active social participation of seniors and contribute to improving the quality of life of seniors;
  • to support initiatives that recognize, accompany and support caregivers who care for seniors;
  • to increase the number of individuals who receive support services at home and develop services that best address the needs of seniors;
  • to create environments that encourage everyone affected by the challenges associated with the aging population to engage in the necessary thinking and to ensure that all viewpoints are properly considered. 


Quebec is the only Canadian province that has created a true policy on active aging. The government’s policy is inspired by the World Health Organization’s global strategy and action plan on aging and health.

Most of the 85 measures of Quebec’s 2018–2023 action plan are new measures that will specifically affect social engagement, intergenerational solidarity, home care services, housing, transportation, security and access to government. The investments totalling $12.3 billion that are outlined in this action plan are in addition to investments already planned by the Quebec government, such as fiscal measures that will help seniors to stay at home and measures that will provide better health outcomes and support services.

Demand a Plan partner and Quebec seniors' organization FADOQ has applauded this plan. See their press release here (French only).

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