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New Alberta Law Set to Empower Seniors Living in Long-term Care Facilities

Participate in the inaugural CMA Health Summit

Medicine and health care are changing faster than ever before. How do we adapt? How do we embrace innovative practices to better serve vulnerable patients, and expand access to care?

The CMA’s inaugural Health Summit this August 20-21 in Winnipeg will explore these questions and more. The Summit is not only an opportunity for patients and caregivers to participate in the health care conversation at a national level, but also to network with all health partners and other patients.

We want to ensure that the voices of patients are heard during our discussions, which is why we’re offering 20 sponsored spots for patients and caregivers to attend — with up to $2,000 of travel and accommodation reimbursed. If you have lived experience in the health care system, we encourage you to apply online for your chance to attend. Application deadline is June 1st.

Selection of sponsored patients and caregivers will be made by an internal selection committee. Successful candidates will be notified on June 15, 2018.

We sincerely hope you’ll consider applying for the chance to share your perspective, engage with more than 25 speakers and panelists, and meet hundreds of attendees. Together, we can inspire a future of better health for physicians, health care providers, and patients across Canada.

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