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New Healthy Canadians Grants to support grassroots health initiatives

“By supporting community-run initiatives at the grassroots level, Healthy Canadians Grants can not only help patients and vulnerable populations, they can help the community as a whole.”– CMA Foundation President Allison Seymour

Who knows better what a community needs than the people who live in it? This is the philosophy behind the new Healthy Canadians Grants, created by the CMA in partnership with the CMA Foundation.

“Grassroots initiatives can provide practical services that go a long way towards improving people’s health, but because they are community-based, they often struggle to find funding,” said Dr. Laurent Marcoux, CMA president. “This program is a way of helping meet that need.”

Themes will be selected as part of the grant criteria. The theme for 2018 is seniors’ wellness. Three years ago, the CMA began advocating for a national seniors strategy through their Demand a Plan campaign. Today, more than 60,000 people have joined in support of this goal. Through these grants, the CMA Foundation is supporting community programs making a real difference to seniors’ health.

Some examples of initiatives that fit within this theme include exercise programs for seniors, meal preparation or transportation services that help seniors remain in their home, even respite programs for families caring for a senior. Programs must be provided through a registered Canadian charity to be eligible.

This year, 14 Healthy Canadians Grants will be awarded by the CMA Foundation – one $10,000 grant to each province or territory, and an additional $20,000 grant to Quebec, the home province of current CMA President Dr. Laurent Marcoux. 

APPLY NOW: More information on grant criteria and application procedures.

Physicians, medical learners, patients and the public all benefit when communities can deliver valued programs. Investing in these programs is one way the CMA Foundation, in partnership with the CMA, can support a vibrant profession and a healthy population.

If you have any questions about the Healthy Canadians Grants, please contact

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