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WEBINAR – Federal Forum on Dementia

Over 50 organizations have joined the Alliance for a National Seniors Strategy

We are proud to partner with organizations across Canada who also support our call for a national seniors strategy. 

With your help, the alliance will be working until Election Day this year to accomplish the following goals:

  • To make seniors care a ballot issue in the election campaign
  • To persuade the major political parties to include a national seniors strategy in their campaign platforms

The Conference Board of Canada call to actionMany challenges, especially those in health care, are posed by an aging population in Canada. To face them, a new report “Understanding Health and Social Services for Seniors in Canada” released by the Conference Board of Canada calls for a proactive response from our nation’s policymakers and political leaders to develop effective and well-designed services and programs

PODCAST: Dr. Simpson – A Need for Strategy - The President of the Canadian Medical Association discusses the need for federal government involvement in a multi stakeholder effort to improve senior health care in Canada. As the cost of health care rises, Dr. Simpson calls for an inclusive approach that encompasses economic policy, social policy, tax policy as well as the health care system.

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