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CMA’s Demand a Plan campaign reaches 60,000 supporters!

Our Demand a Plan campaign has officially hit the 60,000 supporter mark! Thank you to all of you who’ve added your voice to our call for a national seniors strategy.

You’ve breathed life into the campaign in so many ways. You’ve contributed to the ‘Our Stories’ feature, you’ve sent 170,536 letters to Canadian parliamentarians, and you’ve guided our policy development by completing 25,173 surveys.

We need your help to continue to build the movement! Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to join the cause by sharing this link.

Why should they join?

Currently, about 17% of Canada’s population is 65 or older. That number is expected to reach 25% by the year 2031. As our population ages, we need to make sure we have the right services, supports and solutions in place.

Our campaign is focused on five recommendations. We’re asking the federal government to:

·        boost investment in residential care facilities;

·        provide targeted funding for a national seniors strategy;

·        develop explicit operating principles for home care funding;

·        organize a study on the appropriate use of acute care; and

·        amend and improve awareness of the Caregiver Tax Credit.

As always, we have lots more information available on Demand A Plan
Thank you again to all 60,000 of you for helping to improve the lives of your relatives, friends and all Canadians — now and in the future!

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