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Toronto Star endorses CMA Vision for Health Accord that includes Seniors Plan

One of Canada’s leading daily newspapers has taken a public stand in favour of the Canadian Medical Association’s proposal for the next Health Accord, now in the early planning stages among the federal, provincial and territorial governments.In an editorial dated August 26, the Toronto Star said: “One worthwhile change, forcefully advocated by the Canadian Medical Association earlier this week, would be for Ottawa to deliver additional health care funding through a special ‘top-up’ based on each province’s population of seniors. (…)

“One goal of a national accord is to eliminate, or at least ease, (discrepancies across the country regarding health care services available to seniors). To that end, it would make a great deal of sense to introduce some form of demographic top-up. This represents just one opportunity inherent in negotiating a new health accord.”Given the credibility of the Toronto Star, this is great news for the campaign to get all governments to put seniors care at the top of the health care agenda. This important endorsement will give new impetus to our outreach efforts, as we continue to urge the Trudeau government to adopt a comprehensive plan for seniors care.

Credit for this important development is due in part to the support of the many Canadians like you who have signed on to “Demand A Plan”. Please keep up the pressure on our politicians, so that they take action to provide the elderly with the support they need and deserve. Please stay connected through, and encourage your friends and family to join too!Click here to read the editorial for yourself.

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