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Groundhog Day-type discussions have to stop, says CMA

Ottawa, December 19, 2016 ----- Dr. Granger Avery CMA President ----- The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is disappointed that the federal, provincial and territorial levels of government seem to be overlooking the urgent need to focus on action to improve the health of Canadians. This inability is particularly glaring given the fact that improving care for seniors is a priority for all governments.

The CMA’s 83,000 members – and the over 40,000 members of the public who have signed on as supporters to the CMA’s campaign -- have been clear and consistent: Canada needs urgent political leadership to ensure our health care system evolves to meet the needs of our aging population.

The “Groundhog Day-type” discussions where political leaders bat around percentages and figures at meetings in hotels have to stop. Our system needs better and most important our citizens deserve better.

While the CMA is disheartened that no new national Health Accord has yet been achieved, we remain ready and willing to engage with our political leaders on ways – such as the creation of a demographic top-up – to support seniors care.

The door is open to a process. We encourage federal and provincial-territorial leaders to engage in that process and move forward.

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