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Ottawa setting up online tool to help caregivers help veterans

The federal government thinks the answer to helping caregivers provide support for military veterans can be found online.

Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr announced July 12 that Saint Elizabeth Health Care in Ottawa has been awarded a contract worth approximately $383,000 to design, develop and deliver an e-learning program for caregivers of Canadian veterans.

Once complete, the online tool will help caregivers of ill and injured Veterans learn how to better support themselves and their loved ones as they go through the treatment and recovery process.

Users will be able to access course content, peer support and interactive discussion boards as well as build problem-solving and resiliency skills, all supported by trained online facilitators. Once the training program is completed, an online alumni community will provide caregivers with ongoing social support.

The tool is expected to be available in summer 2017.

Founded in 1908, Saint Elizabeth Health Care has been recognized for pioneering health practices, sharing cutting-edge knowledge and delivering high-quality compassionate care. 

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