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MP’s motion paves way for much-needed national seniors strategy

Ottawa, February 24, 2017 – Member of Parliament Marc Serré (Nickel Belt) today rose in the House of Commons to call for the creation of a national seniors strategy in Canada and the 85,000 members of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and our 50,000 Demand a Plan supporters urge his parliamentary colleagues to support his motion.

Even though several provinces and territories have made health financing side deals with the federal government, the CMA continues to push for a national and strategic approach to improving our health care system, the foundation of which must be a national seniors strategy.

Late last year, the CMA also released a new vision platform, "Improving the health of all Canadians: A vision for the future”, that provided clear and actionable recommendations to strengthen health care in Canada including:

• extra funding for provinces and territories to meet seniors care needs — 74% of Canadians supported this change in our 2016 National Report Card

• coverage for high-cost medication to provide relief for Canadians facing expensive drug bills;

• more financial support for family caregivers by making tax credits refundable;

• a coordinated home care plan so that healthy seniors can continue to live in their homes and get the support they need;

• key infrastructure investments to improve and provide more long-term care for Canadians who need it; and

• a national strategy for palliative and end-of-life care.

The way forward is clear. We must act now to build a health care system capable of meeting the needs of our growing and aging population. The time is now.

Dr. Granger Avery,President, Canadian Medical Association

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