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MP Serré’s M-106 passes in the House of Commons

NICKEL BELT –M-106, MP Marc Serré’s private members’ motion to improve quality of life for seniors and provide better support to caregivers via the development of a National Seniors Strategy, was voted on and passed by Members of Parliament after the second hour of debate in the House of Commons, which concluded at 7:25 PM last night.

“I would like to thank all of my colleagues who participated in the debate on developing a National Seniors' Strategy, and all Members of Parliament who supported this motion. This is very important for our aging population, and we need to take action now,” said Serré, following the vote.

“I would also like to thank directly all of the organizations in the riding of Nickel Belt and the numerous national organizations that provided me with a great deal of information and that have stayed involved by sending me their objectives and suggestions of the concrete measures that need to be taken to develop a National Seniors’ Strategy. I must also take a moment to recognize the many medical practitioners, volunteers and families in communities across Canada that are caring for seniors and whose hard work and dedication served as an inspiration for this motion. Finally, I must especially thank the Canadian Medical Association for supporting M-106 as part of its Demand A Plan campaign, and I’m asking Canadians to continue supporting this campaign ( to make their voices heard,” Serré continued.

“We must now keep the conversation going and move ahead with the development of a National Seniors’ Strategy. The next step is for the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills, and Social Development to begin a study examining how best to develop and implement the first ever National Seniors Strategy for Canada, and to call witnesses to provide expert testimony on what such a strategy should contain. While there is still much work to be done, I am very pleased that my private members’ motion was successfully adopted by the House of Commons. It is rare for private members’ business to be successful, and so I am very grateful to my colleagues, in particular Minister Duclos, for their strong and ongoing support for developing a National Seniors’ Strategy that will improve quality of life for seniors and caregivers for years to come,” Serré concluded.

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