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2018 AgeWell Celebrations

June is Seniors’ Month in Ontario!

On Friday, June 8, the CMA took part in the 7th annual Age Well Solutions conference in Ottawa, along with 31 exhibitors. The CMA was there to tell people about Demand a Plan. Members of the public were encouraged to give their feedback on future advocacy and lobbying directions. If you’d like to give your opinion, click here.

The exhibitors covered a wide range of topics and services relevant to the aging population, including everything from estate planning to retirement living, companionship and assistance, safety, meal planning and health, and many other areas of interest.

The CMA’s presence at the Age Well Celebration on behalf of Demand a Plan reinforced our commitment to having the public take an active role in helping us advocate for a national seniors’ strategy.  

It was important to us that we engage in conversation with the public about the future of Demand a Plan so that we can ensure that, as the project grows and changes, we continue to advocate for the issues that matter most to the population we support. The Age Well Celebration was the perfect forum to interact with the public one on one and encourage people to become involved.

Demand a Plan currently has more than 63,000 public supporters, and the CMA wants the level of public engagement to continue to grow. Support from the public ensures that our collective voice is heard. More than 100,000 letters and emails have been written to local MPs and elected officials, demanding better care for seniors. Efforts like this bolster the CMA’s advocacy efforts as we engage with MPs and Senators; when regular, everyday Canadians speak up for quality care and improved treatment for the growing seniors’ population, it helps us to help the public. Not only are Demand a Plan’s recommendations supported by Canada’s doctors, but the tireless work of implementing those recommendations is further reinforced and strengthened by public encouragement.

The voice of many is louder than the voice of one or of a chosen few. The Age Well Celebration allowed us to engage with the public, whose feedback and support we value so highly. It was a great day of networking and meaningful conversation. Many people were caught off guard that an exhibitor wasn’t offering goods or services; but when we explained our purpose and our vision for a national seniors’ care strategy, the general reaction was one of agreement: “Yeah, that is a good idea!”

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