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Patient safety

Fall Prevention resources
This list of fall prevention resources was compiled by Dr. Eoghan O’Shea as part of his collaboration with Demand a Plan for Fall Prevention Month
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Prevent Falls This Fall 2018
Many things can contribute to a person’s risk of falling. But what are some of the steps we can take to reduce those risks?
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Fall Prevention in images
Take a look at this infographic to learn common causes of falls, and some easy things you can do to reduce your risk!
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Ask the right questions about your medications

Patients and caregivers can ask their doctor, nurse or pharmacist for a medication review. Use the 5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications to guide your conversation.
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Not All Meds Get Along

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and its’ campaign Demand a Plan are proud to participate in Canadian Patient Safety Week 2018, taking place from October 29th to November 2nd.
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