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New federal cabinet minister appointed for seniors
Don’t we deserve a national seniors strategy to benefit all Canadians?
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“Retirement” Isn’t What It Used to Be: Many Seniors Want to, Do Keep Working
As life expectancies are much longer now and when people retire they often have several decades of life ahead of them.
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Combating Loneliness and Isolation in Seniors with Community Engagement
Your life shouldn’t stop when you become a senior, or when you retire; you should be able to remain actively and meaningfully engaged with the world.
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Aging with a Disability: Flipping the Script of the Healthy Aging Paradigm
Many Canadians age into disability, meaning that they will acquire conditions and limitations as they grow old. But what of seniors who age with a disability?
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Home for the Holidays
Now is the time to fight for the rights of our seniors
Canada needs a national seniors strategy
Our supporters are actively engaging Members of Parliament on the issues that matter most.
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What are we advocating for?

A national seniors strategy

Targeted funding for a national seniors strategy
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Caregiver tax credit

Amend and improve awareness of the Canada Caregiver Credit
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Acute care study

Convene a study on appropriate use of acute care for elderly people
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Investing in residential care facilities

More investment in residential care facilities for our seniors
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Home care funding

Develop explicit operating principles for home care funding
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Our health care.

Our stories.
Real stories from real people navigating seniors care in Canada.
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