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Shared housing – Another option for aging in place


By Don Rosenbaum ---

What is shared housing?

Shared housing (or home sharing) is a long-term living arrangement in which two or more unrelated people share a house or an apartment. Each person has their own space — a bedroom and sometimes additional rooms — while sharing common areas such as the kitchen. 

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Aging in Place


Whatever form it takes—spacious suburban bungalow or urban condo—our homes are more than roofs over our heads. We invest them with memories and emotions.


Little wonder, then, that a 2013 survey found that 83 percent of us want to age in place by remaining in our current dwelling for as long as possible.


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Dr Laurent Marcoux on 94.5 FM


Here is CMA President-Elect Dr Laurent Marcoux discussing seniors care with Michel Picard from 94.5 FM (In French)


Federal Budget 2017 fails Canada’s seniors, who need action now


Ottawa, March 22, 2017 – The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is disappointed that the federal budget tabled today in the House of Commons by Finance Minister Bill Morneau has missed an important chance to begin building a much-needed national seniors strategy. 

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Budget Day 2017


On Budget Day 2017, CMA President Dr. Granger Avery and CMA President Elect Dr. Laurent Marcoux will bring the voices of our 50,000 Demand a Plan supporters to Parliament Hill. The federal government needs to act now to ensure a #SeniorsPlan is in place and our aging population receives high quality care.

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Canada’s doctors call for national leadership and a focus on seniors


Ottawa, March 10, 2017 – With financing agreements being signed between the federal government and specific provinces and territories, there is opportunity to refocus upon the health of Canadians.

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CMA advocates for better seniors care


CMA President Dr. Granger Avery and the CMA’s Chief Policy Advisor, Owen Adams, appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on National Finance on March 1 for their study on the financial implications and regional considerations of Canada’s aging population. 

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MP’s motion paves way for much-needed national seniors strategy


Ottawa, February 24, 2017 – Member of Parliament Marc Serré (Nickel Belt) today rose in the House of Commons to call for the creation of a national seniors strategy in Canada and the 85,000 members of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and our 50,000 Demand a Plan supporters urge his parliamentary colleagues to support his motion.

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Volunteers play a key role in ensuring that the needs of older Canadians are met


Volunteers play a key role in ensuring that the needs of older Canadians are met — from social interaction to fitness — and that seniors can remain active members of their communities. Opportunities to help, and to be helped, exist from coast to coast, and in many cases seniors themselves are the volunteers.

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Innovative Intergenerational Programs


It’s hard to think of anyone who knows more than a grandparent. That might seem like common sense, but common sense doesn’t always translate into good social policy. Sometimes, though, policy can catch up. And it’s starting to here in Canada when it comes to supporting intergenerational learning.

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