Health Accord

The first opportunity in decades to make real changes to the health care system

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Were you aware that the federal government had committed to negotiating a new Health Accord with the provincial and territorial governments?

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How important is it that funding for the following aspects of care be included in a new Health Accord?

Prescription drugs
Home care
Mental health services
Caregiver support
Palliative care
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Which of these aspects of health care should be the top three priorities in a new Health Accord?

1st priority
2nd priority
3rd priority
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To what extent do you agree that the federal government should provide additional funding to provinces and territories based on the aging of their respective populations?

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To what extent do you agree that the federal government should provide the provincial, territorial and municipal governments' with funding to adapt and build the infrastructure required to meet the needs of seniors (i.e., continuing care facilities, transportation, housing)?

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The Liberal Party of Canada pledged $3 billion for home care in the 2015 election campaign. To what extent do you agree that the following elements should be funded as part of this commitment?

Community-based palliative care programs offered in private homes and/or in long-term care facilities.     
Community-based programs to provide respite for family caregivers.         
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Reporting on health system performance has been a challenge in previous Health Accords. To what extent do you agree that the federal government should identify common indicators and reporting requirements across provinces/territories to encourage accountability?

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What would new federal support for seniors care in the Health Accord mean to you?

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In which province or territory do you live: 

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You are:

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How old are you?

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Which best describes where you live:

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Do you work in health care?

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