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New Brunswick to host seniors roundtable

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) along with the New Brunswick Medical Association (NBMS) will host a national roundtable on seniors care scheduled for September 22, 2015.

The event, held in Fredericton, will address issues related to the delivery of care and will point to examples elsewhere in Canada where cost-effective seniors care programs have been successfully integrated. 

Members will be joined by a panel of health care experts to guide the conversation and to offer valuable perspectives.

This will also be an opportunity for the CMA to once again promote and discuss the need for a National Seniors Care Strategy. This has been a major focus for the CMA in recent months as the federal election approaches in the fall.

Invitations have been sent to all three levels of government, as well as dozens of health advocates, provider organizations and patient representatives.

The host province is currently undergoing major health care challenges with regards to its senior population, which is why CMA President Dr. Chris Simpson says it’s the ideal spot for the event.

New Brunswick is tied with Nova Scotia for having the oldest population in the country with 18.3% of the province’s population over the age of 65 years. In Fredericton, a quarter of all hospital beds are occupied by patients who do not medically need to be there and are waiting for a more appropriate place to continue their care.

“There’s no better place in Canada to illustrate why we need federal action than New Brunswick,” said Simpson.

Never before has the need for a comprehensive seniors care strategy been this significant.